*    Beginning Level Ballet Folklorico 

      I    4:00-5:00 pm   Wednesday  

*    Beginning Continuing Level Ballet Folklorico

      I    5:00-6:00 pm   Wednesdays     



​All dancers are welcomed (must be potty trained and not crying during class instructions). The instructors will advise you of the items needed the first day of class. Please don't pre-purchase any items till then.

Prices of dance class are set by the corresponding city you are enrolled in and not set by the instructor.

Spanish and Mexican Dance Classes 

All Ages Welcome!


Please contact Esperanza Flores  at (626) 488-0761 for more information about dance classes.

La Puente Community Center

501 N. Glendora Ave., La Puente, CA 91744

Alexander Hughes Community Center

1700 Danbury Rd, Claremont, CA 91711

News & Events

Esperanza Flores Ballet Folklorico

Dance Group, Inc.

*    Beginning Level Ballet Folklorico 

      I    11:30-12:30 pm   Saturdays    Ages 3 & up

*    Beginning/Advanced Level Ballet Folklorico (Performing Group)

      I    12:30-1:30 pm    Saturdays     Ages 3 & up


*    Intermediate Level Ballet Folklorico

      I     1:30-2:30 pm     Saturdays      All Ages

*    Intermediate Level Ballet Folklorico (Performing Group)
      I    7:30-9:00 pm   Wednesdays   Ages 8 & up

It's important to stay true to your roots and learn about different cultures. 

See us perform live at our 40th annual "Fiesta Internacional" dance recital. For more ticket information click here.

Venue:San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

Date: April 28th, 2019

Time: 2:00 pm

*    Beginning Level Classical Ballet     

      I     5:00-5:45 pm   Fridays       Ages 3 - 5  

*    Beginning Level Ballet Folklorico

      I     6:00-7:00 pm   Fridays       Ages 3 - 5

*     Intermediate Level Ballet Folklorico (Performing Group)

      I     7:00-8:00 pm   Fridays      Ages 6 & up

*    Beginning Level Ballet Folklorico

      I     8:00-9:00 pm   Fridays      Ages Young adults up to                                                               Senior Adults

*    Intermediate Level  Ballet Folklorico
      I     6:00-7:30 pm   Tuesdays   Ages 13 & up

     (Performing Group and must have Director's approval)


*   Advanced Level Ballet Folklorico

     I     7:30-9:00 pm   Tuesdays   Ages 13 & up
     (Performing Group and must have Director's approval)​​

Glendora Youth Center

437 E. Dalton Ave., Glendora, CA 91741