Esperanza Flores is blessed to have the support of two fantastic assistant directors and choreographers by her side. Sofie and "Cuqui" dedicate their life to the group and share their love for the art of dance with their mother.  

A Family Passion! 


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Esperanza Flores Ballet Folklorico

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It's important to stay true to your roots and learn about different cultures. 

See us perform live at our 40th annual "Fiesta Internacional" dance recital. For more ticket information click here.

Venue:San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

Date: April 28th, 2019

Time: 2:00 pm

Director and choreographer Esperanza Flores was born in Mexico and has been dancing for over 45 years. She has learned the art of traditional Mexican and Spanish dancing from the beautiful Estelita Russek and her niece Carolina Russek as well as other instructors in the Los Angeles area. In 1974, Esperanza Flores established her own dance group, teaching at various local communities and recreation departments. 

Her desire was to provide a cultural alternative to the performing arts experience. Her students enjoy learning and discovering a variety of cultures, but more importantly they continue to keep their own culture ALIVE!

Want the art of dance to come to you? Please contact Esperanza Flores at (626) 488-0761

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